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Operational Efficiency

Finding and fixing inefficiencies.

In a business context, operational efficiency can be defined as the ratio between the input to run a business operation and the output gained from the business.

IT systems, both software and hardware elements, can make a considerable contribution to the improvement of operational efficiency within a business. It can enable a business to do more with less, do it quicker and more accurately, and/or at less cost.

Teamwork helps you to develop and align your ICT Strategy to ensure it supports your business objectives. 

There are a myriad of IT tools out there, only by sourcing the right solution can a real benefit be provided, whether that be financially or in terms of the productivity and effectiveness of your business processes.

The Teamwork Community

The Teamwork Community is made up of independent ICT experts, offering a range of services and solutions designed to help you achieve your business goals.

What We Offer

  • Remote communication and access to systems enables information to be gathered, shared and acted upon almost in real time
  • Vast volumes of information can be analysed that would be impossible without an army of staff
  • Data capture thorough technologies such as Bar code readers and RFID tags permit faster and considerably more accurate recording of information from onsite and offsite locations
  • ERP systems that plan and schedule to maximise the use of available resources and minimise inventory holdings
  • Vehicle tracking and GPS systems to determine the most efficient route for multiple calls
  • As a cost effective service delivery mechanism e.g. Customer specific audits and surveys can be made available via a Customer portal on the web
  • The flexibility and  robustness of these tools help to ensure Business Continuity
From assessment, advice and direction, to implementation and
ongoing support, Teamwork focuses on the right solutions appropriate for your business.

Operational Efficiency Specialists

We have specialist Operational Efficiency Associates in our Community to help you save money, time and energy in your business.

Let’s help you drive business change