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Cyber Security & Compliance

Get your business cyber certified.

Rising levels of reported cyber crime have led to the UK Government introducing the Cyber Essentials (CE) certification scheme in 2014, it is a culmination of a universal risk assessment for a typical UK enterprise and produced a blue print of basic security measures that are simple, achievable and yet protect against 80% of recorded cyber incidents reported in the previous 2 years.

It is not designed to protect against an all out attempt to breach your defenses by a
technologically advanced organisation, but represents a basic level of security and measures that a business should adopt and is appropriate.

Cyber Essentials Certification takes two forms:

Basic certification (Online self-assessment) provides a basic level of confidence that an organisation has implemented cyber security controls effectively.

Plus Certification (Audited) at this level tests whether the organisation’s implemented controls are sufficient to protect against internet based threats.

Cyber Essentials is going to be a key requirement in the supply chain; because it comes from the UKGov it is seen by many as a credible stamp of approval that Information Assurance is taken seriously even if it is at only a basic level. Notably all arms of Government, including the Department of Health and the NHS, and many large private organisations that have themselves gone through the process, will require this certification from anyone in their supply chain.

The Teamwork Community

The Teamwork Community is made up of independent ICT experts, offering a range of services and solutions designed to help you achieve your business goals.

What are the benefits of certification?

  • Protection from a large percentage of Cyber threats, loss of services or data causes a huge disruption for a business; a potentially high monetary cost (recovery or lost revenue),  and/or reputational damage if sensitive data is lost or compromised
  • Improved reputation and customer trust
  • License to tender for contracts that specify that companies must be Cyber Essentials certified.
  • Legal compliance – the UK Government requires all suppliers bidding for contracts which involves the handling of personal information and the provision of certain ICT products to be certified against the Cyber Essentials scheme. The MOD has now introduced Cyber Protection requirements in all procurements - all suppliers  in the supply chain must hold a Cyber Essential Certificate prior to contract, or sub contract award
  • Proven business credentials – through independent verification against recognised standards
  • Ability to win more business – particularly where procurement specification require certification as a condition to supply
Teamwork Technology Services is Cyber Essentials certified and
can provide advice and support for your Cyber Essentials Certification.

Cyber Security Specialists

We have specialist Cyber Security & Compliance Associates in our Community to help keep your business safe from cyber threats, as well as ensuring your business compliance.

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