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Lee Turner

Lead Consultant
Teamwork ICT

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As Lead Consultant, Lee’s philosophy is that in order for businesses to remain competitive, they have to embrace change. Those that adapt and thrive in a changing environment will inevitably lead; and their competitors will ultimately have to follow.

Beyond this observation Lee has further identified that, while continuous process improvement may well be the route to the cutting edge, it is not the key to staying there. Once any business has fully optimised their process, the next step is that technological advances must be made.

It is through applying such analytical, intuitive and flexible thinking, that Lee has forged a career as a ‘quietly efficient agent of change’.  

His twenty years’ experience has been earned in manufacturing control and service delivery for high tech telecoms companies including Mitel Telecom, Mitel Semiconductors, Panasonic and Newbridge Networks; as well as in delivering projects for Welsh Utilities Companies and a variety of small and medium businesses.

Since 2002, Teamwork’s clients have been his focus; with the majority occupying the private sector and being supported by Teamwork through a variety of government schemes such as Opportunity Wales, Corus Regeneration, SME 2, eBusiness and Tourism.

To date, Lee continues to expand his proven track record as an advisor in: IT consultancy; operational efficiency; and in business process improvement analysis and intelligence. He specialises in ERP and manufacturing systems, field service management and CRM; and applies his skills across a range of areas including requirements specification, systems selection and implementation.

Having managed Teamwork’s operations and its network of Associates since 2012, Lee continues in his commitment to helping clients work smarter, and do more, with less.

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